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  • PR Proficiencies and Passenger Caring.
  • Aviation History and Ground Services Management
  • Check-in preparation, General Activities performed at Airport.
  • Airport Handling Procedures:
  • Check-in Procedures,
  • Airport Announcement,
  • Airport Security Procedures,
  • Airport Sign & Symbols,
  • Aviation Terminology,
  • Immigration clearance procedure,
  • ATC Functions and Control Tower
  • BMA (Baggage Make up Area),
  • BG/ SHA (Boarding Gate)/ Security Hold Area,
  • RAMP (Region of Aircraft Movement and Parking),
  • Arrivals and Departures,
  • PIR (Property Irregularity Report),
  • Cargo Management,
  • Safety Awareness.


3 Months Duration


Travel and tourism is the largest service industry in India. This industry provides heritage, cultural, medical, business and sports tourism & Hotels are also an extremely important component of the tourism industry. The Indian hospitality sector has been growing at a cumulative annual growth rate of 14 per cent every year, adding significant amount of foreign exchange to the economy.

The role of the Indian government, which has provided policy and infrastructural support, has been instrumental in the growth and development of the industry. The tourism policy of the government aims at speedy implementation of tourism projects, development of integrated tourism circuits, special capacity building in the hospitality sector and new marketing strategies.

The Indian tourism sector has been flourishing in recent years due to the improved connectivity to and from the country. Also, better lodging facilities at the tourist destinations has been a factor which has contributed to increase Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTA).

With the rise in the number of global tourists and realising India's potential, many companies have invested in the tourism and hospitality sector. Some of the recent investments in this sector are as follows:

The Indian government has realised the country's potential to rise in the tourism industry and has taken several steps to make India a global tourism hub. Some of the recent government initiatives in the sector are as follow:-

The Government of India has launched the 'Incredible India' mobile application. The app will help tourists to seek information, besides enabling quality and reliable services from service providers recognised by the Government of India. This app demonstrates the Ministry of Tourism's commitment to the use of technology for service delivery The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India has launched the new tourism brand for the Union Territories of Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli, as well as released the Vision 2020 publication for Dadra and Nagar Haveli. This step by the government has been taken with a view to help in overall economic development of these union territories.

Looking at the current tourism scenario in our dynamic and ever growing country, the opportunities are growing endlessly and the scope of employment is vast.

Food & Beverages Services

Program Goal:

Execution of 'Hunar Se Rozgar' Training Program, awarded by ITDC, Scheme of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.

Course outlines:

  • Growth of tourism industry
  • Organisational chart and basic hygiene
  • Restaurant equipment and crockery
  • The menu
  • F&B terminology and types of service
  • Rules for waiting at the table
  • Breakfast
  • Beverages

Program Outcomes:

  • Learns to Plan and prepare for serving food & beverages
  • How to greet customer
  • How to take orders and serve food & beverages
  • Cleaning tables and counters after customers finish dining
  • Customer payment
  • Resolve customer service issues
  • Gives a positive impression of oneself and the organization
  • Work effectively with others
  • Maintain safe, hygienic and secure environment


India has been awarded a 'Polio Free' status by way of an official certification presented by the World Health Organisation (WHO). India is among other countries in the South East Asian region which have been certified as being free of the polio virus. India's primary competitive advantage over its peers lies in its large pool of well-trained medical professionals. Also, India's cost advantage compared to peers in Asia and Western countries is significant - cost of surgery in India is one-tenth of that in the US or Western Europe.

The coming years will see great out-of-the-box thinking by the strategists in the field of healthcare, beginning with the way healthcare is delivered.

To begin with, a rise in retail clinics, single speciality, secondary and tertiary care centres are seen coming to the fore including the recent examples of NOVA day care, BEAMS and Apollo clinics.

The tier II/III cities have suddenly become attractive to the healthcare players, especially because of the tax sops and increasing disposable incomes among Indian families across the country and dearth of quality healthcare infrastructure in these locations, which generates tremendous opportunities for the people.

General Duty Assistant

Program Goal:

The General Duty Assistant career course prepares students for a career as an entry-level medical administrative assistant. Students will gain basic knowledge in hospital procedures as well as medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology. Students will develop written and oral communication skills, and they will apply their new knowledge and skills in their final course, Electronic Medical Records.

Course outlines:

  • Introduction to Healthcare systems
  • Biomedical waste management
  • Emergency medical response.
  • Soft skills and communications
  • Body mechanics
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Sanitation, safety and first aid

Program Outcomes:

  • Assist the nurse in bathing, dressing up and grooming the patient.
  • Demonstrate computer and information literacy
  • Understand laws and regulations regarding the sector and confidentiality in electronic health records
  • Assist the nurse in reporting the change in patient's condition.
  • Work effectively in a team and work with discipline.
  • Comprehend basic medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology
  • Understand basic pharmacology
  • Perform basic medical administrative tasks by using Electronic Medical Record software


The automobile industry is one of India's most vibrant and growing industries. This industry accounts for 22 per cent of the country's manufacturing gross domestic product (GDP). The auto sector is one of the biggest job creators, both directly and indirectly. It is estimated that every job created in an auto company leads to three to five indirect ancillary jobs The Indian auto components industry is one of the fastest growing industries and is riding on the success of the automobile sector. Coupled with growing demand and technological advancements, the auto components industry in India has emerged as a key market in Asia as well as the world. The country currently supplies auto components to a number of international automobile makers, such as General Motors, Toyota, Ford and Volkswagen, amongst others.

India's domestic market and its growth potential have been a big attraction for many global automakers. India is presently the world's third largest exporter of two-wheelers after China and Japan. According to a report by Standard Chartered Bank, India is likely to overtake Thailand in global auto-export market share by the year 2020.

The next few years are projected to show solid but cautious growth due to improved affordability, rising incomes and untapped markets. With the government's backing, and trends in the international scenario such as the decline in prices of natural rubber, the Indian automobile industry is slated to witness some major growth.

The Government of India encourages foreign investment in the automobile sector and allows 100 per cent FDI under the automatic route.

CNC operator/ Machining Technician Program Goal:

A CNC Operator is responsible for maintaining and operating CNC machine. The individual monitors gauges and dials. The individual must be proficient in programming and setting CNC machinery.

Course outlines:
  • Study of CNC machine
  • Co-ordinate system point
  • Work offset measurement
  • Stock removal and turning cycles
  • Thread cutting for CNC
Program Outcomes:
  • An individual will learn to work as a part of team and will develop an ability to work long hours.
  • An individual will have good understanding of the CNC machine, associated tools and equipment.
  • The individual will have the proper knowledge of the service related activities, schedules and preventive maintenance of the CNC machine.
  • The individual will be hard working and will have manual dexterity.
Accessory Fitter Program Goal:

An Accessory Fitter is responsible for installing and fitting vehicle accessories including vehicle exterior, interior, media and entertainment and security related accessories depending on vehicle type and model.

Course outlines:
  • Install and fit vehicle accessories
  • Plan and organise work to meet expected outcomes
  • Work effectively in a team
  • Maintain a healthy, safe and secure working environment

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